Valérie Pavia - Vidéoformes

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A film by Valérie Pavia.

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Valérie PAVIA has been present on the international art scene for the past ten years. Her vagabond soul has nourished an important and mature body of art including video, photography, painting and writing. At the core of her work, we find potraits of herself, of others, but also of the cities in which she's crossed. By mixing reality, fiction, and autobiographical accounts, she strikes a chord of candour and naïvete. Upon closer examination some of her works confront the viewer with a raw and unusual sensibilty and lucidity.

The music turned into image. One of our rare videomakers able to dive into the dark seas of memory, of real life, of discord, which the lightness of a ballerina.

Author(s) Valérie Pavia
Format PAL, toutes zones, stéréo, 4:3
Language(s) French, Russian
Subtitles English, French, German
Runtime 100 minutes
Publisher Iowave

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