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A DVD and book by Lionel 'Fox' Magali covering the work of Crium Delirium

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Lionel Magal Fox presents his "Crium Delirium Psykedeklik Road Book", a book + DVD edited in the Word and the Rest studios, which sums up the life of 'Freak Brother # 1'. Designer, performer, drummer (Jeff Gilson, Crium Delirium) magik carpet traveler, baba speed, concert organizer, radio producer, video director, at all the adventures underground & all utopias: Current, Hog Farm, Goa , Tabarka, Crium Delirium, Radio Nova, Earth Catalog, Children of the World, experimental TV ... Since his first happenings at the American Center in Paris, Lionel Fox Magal smoked on the chilum and / or collaborated with an impressive number of figures of the  'underground: Living Theatre, Peter Foldes, Wavy Gravy, Amon Düll, Pierre Schaeffer, Gong, Pierre Clementi, Jonas Mekas, Moebius, Daniel Caux, Michel Giroud, Pierre Barouh, Captain Beefheart, Asphalt Jungle, Kiki Picasso and many others ... Lionel Fox Magal is perhaps one of the only freaks / french artists to have sailed along with many tribes. "Crium Delirium: The Psykedeklik Road Book" is a fun and richly illustrated travelogue whose only common thread is the great cosmic Fox laughing. ÔÔMMMMMMM !!!

Author(s) Lionel "Fox" Magal
Artist(s) Lionel "Fox" Magal, Crium Delirium
Format Hardcover book, DVD PAL
Year 2012
Language(s) English French
Runtime 105 min
Pages 156 pages

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