Kenneth Anger. The Magick Lantern Cycle

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2 DVDs:

  • DVD 1: The 9 restored films of The Magick Lantern Cycle;
  • DVD 2: Extras.

+ CD

+ Book

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The 9 restored films of The MAGICK LANTERN CYCLE.
(1947 - 1981)

An explosion of colors, of music, of provocations and of dreams : the work of Kenneth Anger has crossed the time without loosing anything in it's subversive beauty. The american director makes his first short film "Fireworks" at the age of 20 and hasn't stopped celebrating the incantatory powers of cinema eversince, mixing the trickery, the rituals and the myths in one serie of literally magick films. The Black Prince of the underground, pioneer of clip and the "queer" movement, Anger will deeply influence the greatest film directors, from Jean Cocteau to David Lynch, from Rainer Werner Fassbinder to Nicolas Winding Refn, passing by Alejandro Jodorowsky or Martin Scorsese. His masterpieces today are reunited under the title "The Magick Lantern Cycle". Between the two visual and psychedelic ecstasys, you'll cross fetishist bikers, UFOs, egyptian divinitys, the face of Anaïs Nin and the music of Mick Jagger. A box shaped in the form of mind-blowing pop feast. Yann Gonzalez

Extras : 
-River of Anger, Antoine Barraud's film, 38’,   
-The Spell of Kenneth Anger, Pip Chodorov's film, 15’   
-Discussion by Olivier Assayas and Jean-Baptiste Thoret about Kenneth Anger, 36'  
-Dialogue between Kenneth Anger and Gaspar Noé in the Cinémathèque, 35’

+ CD of the original soundtrack of LUCIFER RISING composed by Bobby Beausoleil 

+ BOOK (88 pages): Extracts from the book "Praises of Kenneth Anger" by Olivier Assayas, storyboard "Puce Moment" drawn by Kenneth Anger

Author(s) Kenneth Anger
Format DVD PAL 4:3, 0 (Region Free)
Year 2015
Language(s) Original versions without dialogues
Runtime Films: 171' -Extras: 124'
Publisher Agnès B. DVD, Potemkine Films