Matières électriques

Special edition DVD with 4 video works by Joris Guibert

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Big Bang Rémanence - 2015
Tableaux électroniques - 2016
Réalités anondines - 2009
Tsushiro Nakatomi - 2015

Big Bang Rémanence
Experimental science fiction film that tells the formation of the universe from electrical and electromagnetic phenomena video. The tale is based on the principle of the residual radiation from the Big Bang: a cathode-ray tube screen can capture these fossil photons, which form part of the screen noise - "snow".
The sound accompanying this work is an expression of the video device, created by capturing the radio signals and electromagnetic fields that it emits.

Réalités anodines
A poetic exploration of reality, with fragments collected from across the world. The editing helps to bind these moments of minute and heterogeneous realities into a significant and poetic composition.

Tableaux électroniques
These video feedback compositions demand a free and pure approach to seeing,  a representation beyond that which modern painting has explored, with a musicality, an exorcised perception that reflects what experimental cinema has sought to explore, by demonstrating the malleability pictorial electronic elements that video art has employed from the outset. These fluid and elusive paintings with their erratic colors and unstable lines, produce an act of intense and fleeting imagery.

Tsushiro Nakatomi
Extracts from two performances using a device that creates generative video phenomena and projects it onto flexible video monitor structures designed in situ. An electro-luminescent sculpture, somewhere between kinetic art and video.

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Data sheet

Joris Guibert
DVD5 PAL, interzone, couleur
Original format
vidéo, mini DV
Joris Guibert
65 mins
The Film Gallery



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