Le livre de WALDEN

Reference book for the Jonas Mekas film WALDEN
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Le livre de WALDEN
by Christian Lebrat & Pip Chodorov

By following each cut in the film, this book is a systematic exploration of the shots, sequences, situations and characters included in the film Walden (1969) by Jonas Mekas.
Includes a preface with two texts, one from David E. James and and a second by Jean-Jacques Lebel, as well as a bibliography and index.

This book accompanied the first European release of Walden on VHS published by Re:Voir Video, now available apart from the original boxset, which is now out of print.
Press :
In collaboration with Re:Voir, Paris Expérimental published, in 1997, The Walden Book to accompany the release of a boxset of the homonymous film by Jonas Mekas. It is an annotation of each cut in the film, interspersed with a selection of the best texts by theorists, filmmakers and poets, mostly American or French, devoted to one of the most beautiful films in the world.
A literally infinite book: to pick up at the point where the beginning reaches its end ...

Guillaume BASQUIN, "Eloge de Paris Experimental", Traffic 95, Fall 2015

Author(s) Christian Lebrat, Pip Chodorov, David E. James et Jean-Jacques Lebel
Format Paperback
Year 2003
Language(s) French
Pages 146 pages
Publisher RE:VOIR & Paris Expérimental