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DVD with the first feature by Jan Svankmayer

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For distribution worldwide except in France.  Customers in France can order the Malavida DVD edition by following this link: ORDER THIS DVD FROM MALAVIDA HERE

CARICE VAN HOUTEN lends her voice to the main character Alice in the first feature film of Jan Svankmajer. This film version of Lewis Carroll's world famous novel Alice in Wonderland is a sinister combination of animated puppets and live action. Alice (Kristýna Kohoutová) finds herself in a wonderful world when she follows a talking rabbit into his den. In Wonderland things are a bit different and strange creatures and strange figures pass by Alice. Wonderland is a world between dream and nightmare from which Alice hopes to wake up. In the hands of Svankmajer, Wonderland is becoming more wonderful than ever before. And with its macabre undertone, there is no longer a pure children's story ...

original title: Neco z Alenky / Czech Republic 1988 / color
two sound options: 1. Dutch with the voice of Carice van Houten / 2. English voice-over
Director & screenplay: Jan Svankmajer, after a book by Lewis Carrol
Camera: Svatopluk Maly Editor: Marie Zemanová
Art direction: Jiri Bláha, Eva Svankmajerová
Animator: Bedrich Glaser
Producer: Athanor, BBC, CNC, Heart of Europe Prague K Productions, Kominsk, Lumen e.a.
DVD5 / R2 / 1.33: 1/84 min. + 11 min.
Extras / short: PICNIC MIT WEISMANN 1968, (11 min.)

Author(s) Jan Svankmajer
Artist(s) Carice van Houten, Jan Svankmajer, Lewis Carrol, Svatopluk Maly, Marie Zemanová, Jiri Bláha, Eva Svankmajerová, Bedrich Glaser
Format DVD5 / R2 / 1,33: 1
Year 1988
Language(s) English or Dutch
Runtime 84 min. + 11 min.
Publisher Moskwood Media

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