Isao Yamada - Yamavica Film Poetics vol.1

le premier volume de trilogie YAMAVICA FILM POETICS de ISAO YAMADA

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ISAO YMADA started his artistic career by working at Shuji Terayama's theatre company, Tenjousajiki. In 1974, he was appointed as an artistic crew for Terayama's feature-film, "Denen ni Shisu" (Pastoral: To Die in the Country). As a film director, Yamada's release includes "Anmonaito no sasayaki wo kiita" (Iʼve heard the ammoniteʼs murmur:1992), "Jouhatsu Tabinikki" (The Soul Odyssey: 2003) based on the essay by "Yoshiharu Tsuge", and "Shutorumu undo Doranku" (Sturm und Drang, 2014). In addition to his work in cinema, Yamada is also known for his work in manga, painting and graphic design. The calligraphic fonts used in his experimental films are all by his own hand writings. More information on the official site:

"The authentic physicality of Yamadaʼs films, which can be felt only when accompanied by the projector's clattering sound, cannot be reproduced digitally. Accepting this irony, however, three volumes of Yamavica Film Poetics dare to select and present Yamadaʼs works to be enjoyed in a private way, like savouring a vintage bottle of wine at home, or reading your favorite poems from your pocket."
-Ylva Salon

The sun which shone like a pearl (2001), 15min, colour, 8mm
Marie from the Sea (2014), 38min, B&W and colour, 8mm
Mosaïque en blanc (2015), 35min, B&W and colour, 8mm
Endless Flâneuring (2018), 16min, B&W and colour, 8mm

VIDEO CLIP (The sun which shone like a pearl, 2001)

VIDEO CLIP (Endless Flâneuring, 2018)

Author(s) Isao Yamada
Format DVD, Region ALL, Stereo
Original format 8mm
Year 2001, 2014, 2015, 2018
Language(s) Japanese (no dialogue)
Runtime 15 min + 38 min + 35 min + 16min
Publisher Ylva Salon

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