Standard 8mm camera LEITZ - Leicina 8S

LEITZ 8mm camera - Leicina 8S in good condition, tested with film and sold with these accessories

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In 1960 the Ernst Leitz company, renowned for its LEICA cameras, opened up late to amateur cameras with 2 models with electric motor, reflex sight and integrated light meter, the Leicina 8 S and Leicina 8 V models.
The Leicina 8 S with a fixed focus lens and a single frame rate went on to be very successful. It was manufactured until 1966 and sold nearly 35,000 copies.

This camera is in good condition. It has traces of use on the outside of the camera and on the plastic battery box. All the optics are in good condition, without dust, traces of shocks or fungus. The camera and lenses are sold tested with film with good results.

Year of production :  1960 to 1966
Place of production: Wetzlar (Germany)
Format: 8mm, Double-8
System, Film Length: Reels, 7.5m
Drive: Electric motor
Frame rates: 16 fps, single frame
Focusing : Reflex through the lens, Eyepiece with diopter correction
Lenses: Dygon 1:2.0 F=9, Dygon 1:2.0 F=15 & Dygon 1:2.0 F=36, Fixed-focus interchangeable
Light meter: Changeable auto exposure, viewfinder control
Counter: Film reserve indicator in the viewfinder
Dimensions (WxDxH) Weight: 5.6 x 14.2 (20.3) x 8 cm, 0.950 kg
Case, Finish: Cast light alloy, Beige and gray hammered paint
Serial number : 8S-29324
Accessories: carrying case, remote trigger

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