Kahl NC 17 Standard 8 (Double 8) 40ASA

Kahl NC 17 Standard 8 (Double 8) 40ASA View larger

7.5m roll of 2 x 8 mm = "Double Eight" or "Double Normal Eight" KAHL 17 film stock

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KAHL NC 17 - 2 x 8mm. - 7.5 m. universal color film

KAHL NC 17 is a medium-speed film with unusual color reproduction. Due to its soft gradation and its pastel colors, it achieves the 8mm effect for advertising and "fashion films" of the 1960s. KAHL NC 17 - 2 x 8 mm are suitable for any 2 x 8 mm camera.

KAHL NC 17 is a UNIVERSAL FILM.  This means that it is a color negative film that can be processed in color reversal development (AP 44 / E 6 compatible). The result is a very "flat gamma" with virtually no black. The material has a "temporary orange mask" which is bleached out during processing. So the anti-halation masking is not visible!

These films are positive after reversal development and can be projected normally with the projector. However, the colors do not appear natural and look "faded and washed out".

KAHL NC 17 are perfect for the digitization. Even in the dark areas, every image is still there.  In contrast to reversal film, color, gamma and black can be corrected as desired during digitization.

Sensitivity : 17 DIN (40 ASA)
Film Base: Tri-Acetate
Color reversal development: AP 44 or as
Color negative development: AP 70 (C 41 compatible) possible
Sensitization: Both in daylight (5500 K) as well as in artificial light (3200 - 3400 K) usable with DIN 17/40ASA

The sale price does not include the development.