Kahl UT 21 Standard 8 (Double 8)

7.5m roll of 2 x 8 mm = "Double Eight" or "Double Normal Eight" KAHL 21 film stock

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KAHL UT 21 - 2 x 8 mm - 7.5 m. - reversal film color

Daylight spool 7,5 m

Sensitivity: DIN 21
Film base: tri-acetate
Sensitivity: daylight (5500 K)
For artificial light (3200 - 3400 K) use filter 80 A.

KAHL UT 21 - 2 x 8 mm is a sensitive recording film with exceptional sharpness and rich color reproduction.
The film has a superb reproduction of pastel and skin tones and is excellent for documentary films and music videos.  It is particularly well suited for telecine / scanning.

New films with MHD 12 - 2020 freshly produced!

Color reversal development (AP44) and return shipping to:
GERMANY: free of charge
ABROAD: only with development coupon

Our conditions for the film development:

2 x 8 mm camera films are 16 mm wide and are ready to be inserted into the film camera in subdued light on small (7.5 m) and large (30.5 m) film stocks. The single film is exposed in the camera at the end (first half of the 8 mm). Then the full take-up reel is turned, re-threaded and exposed (second half of the 8 mm). The film is now back on its original reel (blue = black / white or red = color).

After development of the KAHL 2 x 8 mm films, they are split lengthwise into two 8 mm wide film strips and then mounted in the middle, rolled up on a laboratory transport coil and sent to the sender. All KAHL films (except by the meter) include free development and return worldwide for at least 1 year from the date of purchase.

KAHL 2 x 8 mm camera films have a total length of 9.50 - 10 m (small roll 7,5 m) and 31 m (large roll 30.5 m.) Thus, the full lengths are developed in the KAHL laboratory. Nothing is cut off, even though the beginning or end of the film seems unusable after development. Total length after laboratory work (small roll 7.5 m): about 19 - 20 m, 8 mm film = about 5 min / 16 bps. Total length after laboratory processing (large roll 30.5 m): 62 m. 8 mm film = about 15 min / 16 bps. 2 x 8 mm films have a better price and performance ratio than Super 8 cassettes due to the typically better sharpness (camera's own pressure plate) as well as greater length.