Dominic Angerame - Cityscapes

    Dominic Angerame - Cityscapes


    DVD with 9 films by Dominic Angerame

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    “And in the midst of it all — the streets, the bridges, the roads, the roofs, the endless river of communication cables and the windowed monoliths of jutting superstructure — there stands man. The film is like a dream you can’t put your finger on and can’t forget, because the very truth of it is so evasive, suggestive, labyrinthine. And then it dawns on you, the very fact of life is heroic.”
    -Ronald Sauer

    “The concrete world of the American infrastructure and its demise are made strangely poetic in this expressionist documentary which shows the vacant San Francisco Embarcadero Freeway before its destruction. In an atmosphere of daylight, mystery, Angerame sows inklings and reveals the past encircled by the future. Lyrical, ominous, comic, Premonition works on the attentive viewer like a remembrance of something that is to happen, a silent, telling daydream.”
    -Barbara Jaspersen Voorhees

    “...the images of Continuum certainly haunt me. It was amazing to me how little evidence there was in the film of the Time in which it was made, or even the location. I found myself tending to forget that these were City-chores, that this was rooftop work, so forth: just the labor, the continuity of labor, timeless, and ongoing, withOUT inexorable. Bravo.”
    -Stan Brakhage

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