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5 interviews with Curtis Harrington from Anthology Film Archives

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In 2005, Anthology Film Archives had a retrospective of the career of Curtis Harrington. Harrington began his career as a film student in the 1940s, where he and fellow student Gregory Markopoulos studied under Josef von Sternberg at UCLA. After making a number of 16mm experimental shorts in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Harrington made the independent feature film "Night Tide" in 1959 (released 1961), and would make the Hollywood feature "Games" in 1966. This disc, "Curtis Harrington at Anthology Film Archives", contains Harrington's introduction to "Night Tide," a question-and-answer session with the film critic Elliott Stein about "Games," an audience question-and-answer session about the film "What's the Matter With Helen?" two question-and-answer sessions with the actor Fabrice after screenings of "Usher," and an interview with Curtis Harrington conducted by Amy Greenfield. In all, the disc contains over 2 hours worth of material, much of it casual but always engaging.

Author(s) Curtis Harrington
Artist(s) Curtis Harrington, Fabrice, Amy Greenfield, Elliot Stein
Year 2006
Language(s) English
Runtime 129 min
Publisher Anthology Film Archives

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