Amateurs d’indépendances

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Documentary by Claude Boisson and Agnès O'Martin

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In 1959 , Africa had only 9 independent states. In 1960, 17 African countries gained independence , 14 of them were colonized by France . The political upheaval has been celebrated by many official events , and the population of the new country.

Between family film and unprofessional reporting, the French amateur filmmakers working in Africa between 1955 and 1965 recorded with their small cameras historic turning of African independence , they filmed new states under construction.

Filmed by individuals to their relatives images, these films that everyone could have are powerful mobilizing individual and collective memories.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of African independence , we decided to celebrate this historic event by making a documentary that brings together a unique collection of amateur films from the Film Fund Cinémémoire . These rare documents relate an important moment in the history of the twentieth century: the independence of 17 French colonies , after years of colonization. The film traces the decade that saw Nai be those countries.

A tribute to amateur filmmakers Amateurs d'independence offers a look at these filmmakers under the immediacy of a historical period. They filmed for fun, they share their daily life with family and friends, and their return to France . These family films stand both the portrait of Africa that filmmakers . Their views , more intimate than official media lets us see the elements behind the scenes, and invites the viewer to relive the years of upheaval and hope.

Documentary, 52 ' , color, stereo sound

digiBETA 4/3
stereo sound

Author(s) Claude Boisson, Agnès O'Martins
Artist(s) Claude Boisson, Agnès O'Martins, Jean-Jacques Jordi
Format DVD PAL Interzone/Region 0, stéreo
Original format BETA CAM
Year 2010
Language(s) French
Runtime 81 min
Publisher Circuit Court

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