2:13PM - 'Matkormano' Soundrack

Vinyl copy of the original soundtrack by 2:13PM for the film Matkormano

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2:13PM is the atmospheric playground for harsh noise artist Eric Duriez (Psôm, Sperme Noir, Prozack Maurice) and sonic explorer Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat, Gouffre, Malaïse, Bras Mort, 213 Records and Replica Records, amongst many others), which they use to give a musical body to their haunting nightmares.
Their soundtrack to Matkormano, Fabien Rennet and Julien Louvet’s mesmerizing film about the Mage de Marsal, is a beautiful, dark and foggy piece of music that we recommend you to listen especially at night, when the spirits are free to roam the endless roads of our minds.

Matkormano, a film by Julien Louvet and Fabien Rennet France, 2015, b/w, 32 min, French with English subtitles

In the village of Marsal, France, he was called “the mage” or more colloquially “Matkormano”. In 1950, Maurice Gérard began an initiatory journey to Iran, India, Egypt and Hawaii. Back in France, his alchemical works allowed him and his disciples to transmute matter and create a mother statue gifted with the ability to talk and predict the future. But in November 1968, as his skills started to grant him increasing fame, his statue was stolen from him and his two sonswere kidnapped.

Vinyl edition including download of the movie in HD, 500 copies

April 7th 2017

About the film
• Award - Grand Prix Sacem de la meilleure bande originale 2016
• Voice - Damien Schultz
• Production - 529 Dragons
• Print and sales - Lightcone

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2:13PM, Fabien Rennet, Julien Louvet
vinyl LP, HD film download
38 mins
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