Dans le Soleil (In the Sun)

CD of 10 songs by Leila Albayaty

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Debut album from French artist Leila AlbayatyDans le soleil is a sensitive record, on the edge of pop, song writing and electronic music. One discovers a world tinted with cinematographic atmospheres, at the same time melancholic, fragile, disturbing and modern


. New York 1’50
. Princess 2’09
. A cause du because 2’19
. Walking and talking 2’51
. Before 4’00
. Lucy 1’56
. This is delay 1’08
. Little miss 3’27
. Madeleine 3’35
. Dans le soleil 2’09

All songs and musics written, composed and performed by Leila Albayaty, except:

Before: voice Leila Albayaty & Orlan Roy, bass guitar: Gregory Cadars.
Lucy: guitar by Antoine Parouty.
Little Miss: lyrics by Ian Simpson.
Mixed and masterised by Leila Albayaty at Tabula Rasa (Brussels).

Author(s) Leila Albayaty
Format CD audio
Language(s) French, English
Runtime 25 min
Publisher Stupid Competitions