Le petit Boris illustré : Boris Lehman par lui-même

A 736-page book in French published by Yellow Now & Boris Lehman Foundation

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For the first time, a book that captures as closely as possible the almost legendary figure of the Belgian filmmaker Boris Lehman.
Here, no film analysis, no reviews. It is rather an artist's book, a portrait of Boris by himself, which comes in the form of skilfully arranged fragments, mixing drawings, photos, poems and various documents.

“Defining the art of Boris Lehman is a complicated game. He is not, however, the only one of his kind. Unclassifiable, it has often been repeated, basically to get rid of it. Alternately limpid, strange, surreal, hermetic, fantastic. One could say: a jack-of-all-trades. He sailed between the ready-made and the Oulipo, circulated between art brut and arte povera. In any case, an art of accumulation and sedimentation.”
-Leopold Blum, Foreword.
With this good-natured air that we know him, this character, essentially a walker, decked out in caps, bags and cameras... we will find him whole, multiplied to infinity, as in a game of mirrors, in this book -sum, a veritable encyclopedia which collects, over more than half a century, a few scattered pieces of his life.

In summary
Adam and Eve, addresses, AJC, Album 1, loves (love story), birthdays, Antonin Artaud (club), workshop b, self-portraits. /// Babel, kisses, Beguinage. /// Friendly calendar, notebooks / notebooks, postcards (images of the world), It's spinning, Electric chair (La), mushrooms, Things that connect me to people, filmmakers (portraits), Cinélibre/Cinédit, cinema (cinema as job…), Cinematons, collections, Couple, looks, positions, headgear, reviews. /// Dance, drawings, division of my time. /// schools, Intermission, exiles. /// Family, women, filming (I film therefore I am), siblings. /// Golem, Morello cherries (club of), groups. /// Men, humor. /// Identities, incisions, Insas /// Journalism (the journalistic experience), Jew. /// Knokke Out. /// Books (Boris in books). /// Eating (to live), walking, masks, military (service), living model, death. /// Birth, swimming, Black, nudes. /// Idleness (praise), ontology (films), opera (The True Story of the White Lady). /// Plates, poems, polaroids, Poland, Fishes (The). /// What ? ///   Reassuring/agonizing”, ruins (the taste of ruins). /// Bag (The case is in the bag), health (to your health). /// Time of the bears (The), tracts (my life in tracts). /// Jacket (History of the jacket). /// Waterloo. /// Damn. /// ETC.

Illustrations / double pages
Posters /// Self-portraits /// Notebooks /// Headwear /// Drawings /// Entr'acte /// Eating (to live) /// Messages /// Birth /// Idleness.

736 pages /// Format 24 x 17 cm
Illustr. b&w and color. /// cover hardcover
Collection: Cinema side
ISBN 9782873404925

Author(s) Boris Lehman
Format Illustr. b&w and color. /// cover hardcover
Original format 16mm
Year 1989 - 1995
Language(s) French
Pages 736 pages
Publisher Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman

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