Bastian Clevé : Journeys

DVD from redavocadofilms with 7 films by Bastian Clevé and a bonus interview with the filmmaker

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The focus of Clevé‘s artistic filmmaking lies in the manipulation of real-live imagery using sophisticated in-camera-editing and optical printing.

“What lies beyond  reality? Are there ways to take different approaches? Can I visualize things which do not exist in the material world? Can I create visual music and compose with light, imagery, color and shapes which are not animated but are to be found in reality? Can I create imagery the way musical composers create symphonies? Those were the questions I asked myself once I had seen enough “Hollywood”-type movies.

I felt the desire to create something new and personal, something beyond stories and plotlines known to mankind ever since the start-of-times in both theatre and drama. My own stories in a personal style bearing no similarity to other artists or filmmakers. – As an artist I am interested in creating images previously never seen, as a professional I aim at perfection in the craft of filmmaking” (Bastian Clevé)


  1. Schau ins Land (1976)
    16mm, colour, 10:06 mins. Music by Klaus Schulze
  2. Nachtwache (1976)
    16mm, colour, 9:39 mins. Music by Klaus Schulze
  3. Lichtblick (1976)
    16mm, colour, 13:04 mins. Music by Klaus Schulze
    BMI-Award 1976
  4. Die Reise (1977)
    16mm, colour, silent, 9:55 mins
  5. Empor (1977)
    16mm, colour, silent, 9:47 mins.
    German Film Award 1978
  6. Nach Bluff (1977)
    16mm, colour, silent, 10:07 mins.
    German Film Award 1979
  7. Fatehpur Sikri (1980)
    16mm, colour, sound, 9:09 mins.
    Bronze Award – Houston Film Festival USA
    Special Merit Award – Athens Film Festival USA

Author(s) Bastian Clevé
Format DVD PAL Interzone/Region 0
Original format 16mm, VHS
Year 1976-1983
Language(s) English, German
Runtime 101 min
Publisher redavocadofilms

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