Alexandre Alexeïeff : Le Cinéma épinglé

A DVD with 30 films by Alexandre Alexeïeff

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“The fine people over at Cinedoc – Paris Films Coop have brought us a spectacular DVD containing no less than 27 of the films of Alexandre Alexeïeff. The DVD includes the astonishingly beautiful and critically acclaimed Night on Bald Mountain (1933), based on the music of Mussorgsky. Alexandre Alexeïeff, one of the best-known early animators, was the developer of the pinscreen technique, in which each image is formed by the manipulation of a million or more obliquely lit pins.”
Trond Trondsen (

“Aside from Second Run's Love, Criterion's mighty releases (Ugetsu, Balthazar, Pickpocket, etc), and Artificial Eye's wondrous Van Gogh - my favourite release this year was this packed Alexeieff disc — showboating his incredible pinboard animation.”
Nick Wrigley

"Words are pointless to describe Alexandre Alexeïeff & Claire Parker pinscreen animations, it's perhaps the most beautiful animations I ever saw. Alexeïeff said 'Cinema will become an art when people can have it on their shelves and view it at their pleasure and discretion like a book or a record' he died in 1982 but Cinédoc made his wish come true.

Theatrical films made with the pinboard technique :
Nuit sur le mont Chauve (1933)/ Night on Bald Mountain
En passant (1944)
Le Nez (1963) / The Nose
Tableaux d'une exposition (1972) / Pictures at an Exhibition
Trois Thèmes (1980) / Three Moods
Advertising Films :
La Belle au bois Dormant (Nicolas), Opta Empfang (Radio Loewe), Parade des Sools (Chapeaux Sools), Étoiles nouvelles (Davros), Fumées (Van der Elst), Nocturne (Ultra Therma), Pure beauté (Monsavon), Rimes (Biscuits Brun), Masques (Van der Elst), Sève de la terre (Esso), Bain d'X (Bendix), Osram, Quatre temps (Blizzand), Cent pour Cent (Nescafé), Cocinor, Constance (L'Oréal), Anonyme (L'Oréal), Automation (Renault), Divertissement (Seita), L'eau (Évian).
Essays :
Essais pendulaires (1951).
Études des solides illusoires (1960)
Documentaries and complementary features :
À propos de Jivago
(1960)by Alexandre Alexeïeff.
The Pinscreen by Norman McLaren (1972)
by Jacques Drouin (pinboard technique), 1976.
Gallery :
Engravings,portraits, tools

1 DVD NTSC Zone 0
RUNNING TIME:137 minutes
Languages : English - French
30 films
English French Booklet 20 pages

Author(s) Alexandre Alexeïeff
Artist(s) Alexandre Alexeïeff, Jacques Drouin
Format DVD NTSC Interzone/Region 0
Original format 35mm
Year 1933-1980
Language(s) English, French
Runtime 137 min
Publisher Cinédoc

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