Merlin • Grenouilles • Kiki

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DVD with 3 films by Adolpho Arrietta

GRENOUILLES (1984, 16mm, 35’)
KIKI (1989, 16mm, 22’)
MERLIN (1990, 35mm, 58’)

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'Grenouillles' (Frogs): On an island in the ocean live men and women-frogs. Nora, a beautiful Russian spy, wants revenge for the betrayal of her lover, the artist Tibor. There is also a spy of Unesco, a mysterious exterminator that projects the end of the world, and a gang of thieves disguised as frogmen ...

'Kiki': A film about a man and is love for his cat.

'Merlin': An adaptation of the play by Jean Cocteau, "The Knights of the Round Table," in which Adolpho Arrietta plays the role of Merlin.

“I don’ t know if it comes from Cocteau or the original Knights of the Round Table or a combination of the two, but in Arrietta’s version the story (not the play) kisses the legend on the lips and renders it barely recognizable. Suffice it to say that the almost childlike theatrical magic of Cocteau, his playful mixing up of identities and beliefs find in Arrietta neither a faithful interpreter nor a dutiful copier, but rather an apprentice inventor, a scoun- drel as serious as an anti-Pope, the perfect Ginifer – the demon to whom Merlin has ‘the power to give whatever form and put to whatever use he pleases.’”
-Pierre Léon, Cinéma n°14

Author(s) Adolpho Arrietta
Artist(s) Anne Wiazemsky, Adolfo Arrieta, Pascal Greggory, Elizabeth Bourgine, Jean-Louis Vitrac, Eva Ionesco
Format DVD pal interzone 4:3 mono
Original format 16mm, 35mm
Year 1984, 1989, 1990
Language(s) français, espagnol
Subtitles Français, English, Espanol
Runtime 35’, 22’, 58’
Publisher Re:Voir

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