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Guy Maddin (born February 28, 1956 in Winnipeg, Manitoba-Canada) is a filmmaker, actor, sound engineer, cinematographer and screenwriter. Maddin received his degree in economics at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. Maddin first worked as a teller in a bank, then as a painter before launching into the world of film. His first short film 'The Dead father' (1986), shows his interest in the Gothic surrealism, for sexual deviance in 'Careful' (1991), repression in 'Twilight of the Ice Nymphs "(1997) and madness in 'Tales from the Gimli hospital "(1988).

Maddin's achievements are marked by his imagination, semi-mythical decorations, an experimental registre...

Throughout his career, Guy Maddin has directed, written, directed and edited the photographs of over thirty short films.

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  • GUY MADDIN 4 DVD BOX(COFFRET GUY MADDIN) Guy MADDIN BOX 4 DVD WITH BONUS: The package combines the DVD digipack also available individually: Tales from the Gimli Hospital, Archangel, Careful Dracula

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