16mm ORWO black and white negative N74 Plus 400D

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30m roll of 16mm Orwo black and white Negative film N74 Plus 400D

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Product:  ORWO N74plus
Exposure Index:  ISO 400/27°
Gauge:  16mm
Length: 100 ft
Base:  Triacetate Base
Perforation:  N-4740 (BH 1866) STANDARD
Time Code/Edge Numbers: K-Code (Kodak Key Code)

Product description: ORWO N 74plus (Negative Film) is a high speed
black-and-white panchromatic camera film for both outdoor and indoor
usage. Its wide exposure latitude makes it especially suitable for use
under low light illumination and difficult light conditions.

Applications include documentary films, news coverage, underwater and
industrial cinematography. Use of N 74 plus is also recommended under
normal light conditions when greater depth of field is needed. The N74plus
has improved slippage, extremely low shedding and excellent antistatic

Compare To: Eastman Double X (250 ASA)

Packaged in 30m daylight spools for use in handheld 16mm cameras such as the Bolex or Beaulieu.