16mm Kodak Ektachrome Color Reversal 100D/7294

30m roll of 16mm Kodak Ektachrome Color Reversal 100D/7294

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KODAK is pleased to announce the introduction of Kodak Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film 7294 in 16mm motion picture formats. We are offering this item at the introductory prices listed below.KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film 7294is a 100-speed, color reversal motion picture camera film intended for photography under daylight illumination (5500K). It offers a moderately enhanced color saturation performance while maintaining a neutral gray scale and accurate flesh reproduction. 7294 Film has exceptional sharpness, and its grain performance is excellent. This film also offers very strong reciprocity, uniformity, and keeping stability. 7294 Film offers outstanding results in outdoor and studio applications where moderate color saturation is desired. It is excellent for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, music videos, and is especially good for telecine transfers and television filming. It can also be projected.

Base: KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film / 7294 has an acetate safety base.

Exposure Indexes: Daylight (5500K) - 100 / Tungsten (3200K) - 252 Use these indexes with incident or reflected light exposure meters and cameras marked for ISO or ASA speeds or exposure indexes. These indexes apply for meter readings of average subjects made from the camera position or for readings made from a gray card of 18 percent reflectance held close to and in front of the subject. For unusually light or dark colored subjects, decrease or increase the exposure indicated by the meter accordingly.

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