Bolex H16 camera made to order

Reconditioned H16 RX Bolex cameras and lenes customized to your specifications

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In collaboration with our technician who has more than 20 years experience working with these cameras, we would like to offer our customers the opportunity to choose a customized Bolex H16 camera and lens package that will be specially prepared and "restored-to-order."  After choosing the camera and lens configuration that suits your needs, you can place your order and our technician will prepare the camera within 14-21 days.  The camera bodies are completely refurbished, updated with newer electronic components and a modern battery system.  The lenses are taken apart and cleaned.  The camera can be shipped after preparation or picked up at our shop in Paris.

These cameras are sold with a 90 day guarantee and after 2 years can be cleaned and serviced again by our technician.

Camera model & Price

RX1: 900 € to 1000 € (6x viewfinder, no variable shutter)
RX2: 1150 € to 1250 € (6x viewfinder)
RX3: 1300 € to 1400 € (10x viewfinder)
RX4: 1600 € to 1700 € (10x viewfinder)
RX5: 1750 € to 1850 € (10x viewfinder)
RX5: 2200 € to 2300 € (13x viewfinder)
RX5: 2650 € to 2750 € (13x viewfinder, synchro-flash output)
SBM: € 2,150 to € 2,250 (13x viewfinder)
EBM: contact us for availability and deadline (2 months)
(original, with handle and equipped with lithium power: approx 2400 €)
(modified brushless motor, quartz-synced, internal lithium power: approx 3750 €)
EL: contact us for availability and deadline (2 months, approx 3200 €)