Paul Winkler : Films 2004-2011 Volume 6

Paul Winkler Films 2004-2011 Volume 6 / DVD Agrandir l'image

2 DVDs avec 5 films de Paul Winkler

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DVD 1 (30') - Fishtank (2004, 12'30), Pop kitsch (2006, 17')

DVD 2 (45') - Many Buddhas (2008, 18'), Drums + Trains (2009, 12'), Shooting Arrows (2011, 15')

Paul Winkler (born 22 June 1939) is a German-born Australian filmmaker who lives and works in Sydney. He was associated with Corinne and Arthur Cantrill, Albie Thoms and David Perry in pioneering local experimental film production in the 1960s.

Winkler characterises his films as 'a synthesis of intellect and emotion, filtered through the plastic material of film'. 'I try to let 'imagines' flow freely to the surface'. The ideas which he terms 'imagines' may reflect Australian icons like Bondi Beach, Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or textures, as in Bark/Rind, Green Canopy, and the bush.

In 1973, Winkler's film Dark identified with the Aboriginal land rights movements, acquiring a spirituality which was also manifested in Chants and Red Church. Later films take contemporary society for their subjects, as in Rotation, Time out for Sport and Long Shadows. His early apprenticeship is recalled in Brickwall, Backyard and Brick and Tile.

In 1995, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Intermedia Netowrk mounted a retrospective screening of 30 of his films. The following year, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, USA screened 30 films in a three-day retrospective. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA holds 15 of his films in their collection.


Auteur(s)Paul Winkler
FormatDVD PAL Interzone/Region 0
Durée49 min, 58 min
EditeurArtfilms (Contemporary Arts Media)

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