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Dedicated to the promotion of experimental cinema, The Institute for the

Coordination and Propagation of Exploratory Cinema (ICPCE) publishes DVDs,

books, and digital documents of works and studies that examine the diffuse

spectrum that is cinematographic art. Based in Quebec, Canada.

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  • The dvd anthology contains the complete recent cinematic works of Solomon Nagler. The Elegy Trilogy, the Landscape Trilogy, Notes on Gestures and Black Salt Water Elegy, working as a key of an architecture of striking visions.

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  • ICPCE presents CONTRE-OEIL, an anthology on 3 DVD of Canadian and Québec experimental films and video art (1960-2011).

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    The dvd edition contains the complete film works of Étienne O'Leary.

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  • 13 experimental short films by François Miron with 2 bonus films.

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